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Still Water Baby Care 1.5l
  • Still Water Baby Care 1.5l

    Santa Sofia Natural Spring Water is high in natural minerals and a fresh water for everyday use. It contains minerals in a well-balanced ratio which contributes to its exceptional taste. Our Natural Spring Water with the pink label, also called Baby Care, has balanced calcium and magnesium content and low levels of sodium, chloride and sulphate, which makes it optimal mineralized and suitable for everyday use by all age groups.

    Santa Sofia Natural Spring Water is extracted very close to the ground surface – at 0-100 m depth, at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. As younger water it has very low mineral content – typically 80-100 mg/L. Our Natural Spring Water is one of the lowest mineralized waters in Bulgaria with total mineralization of 72 mg/L and very low levels of sodium/salt – 2.8 mg/L. It is suitable for infants on low sodium diets and when it is important to avoid water retention in the body.

    The Natural Spring Water is bottled directly at the water source. It is transported to the plant for bottling through pipeline and fed directly into bottles, which are protected against counterfeiting. The whole process of delivery of the Natural Spring Water is monitored from the source to the end user, and meets the strict Safety Regulations of the European Union.
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