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Sparkling Water 0.5l
  • Sparkling Water 0.5l

    Naturally carbonated mineral water Santa Sofia springs from depth of 70 meters with temperature of 24°C in an ecologically clean area in the Western Rhodope mountains. The pleasant taste of Santa Sofia Water and the extraordinary healing powers are entirely due to the minerals through which water passes on its way to the surface. A parameter, which is essential for the consumption of mineral water, is the total mineralization. This criterion indicates the total concentration of salts dissolved in water and is expressed in milligrams per liter (mg/L). Naturally carbonated mineral water Santa Sofia is characterized by total mineralization of 2913.96 mg/L. The content of dissolved salts and a variety of miscellaneous ingredients with proven nutrition-physiological effect determine the high therapeutic efficiency of the water and contribute for its pleasant and refreshing taste. The chemical composition of naturally carbonated mineral water Santa Sofia is characterized as hydrothermal, carbonic, hydrocarbonate-sodium-calcium, silicon and mild fluorine, clean and colourless.

    Until it reaches the surface mineral water Santa Sofia passes through different rocks, soils and minerals thus naturally absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2). The unique mix of diverse and healthy essential components such as minerals and micro elements, combined with natural carbon dioxide turn carbonated water Santa Sofia into a refreshing and energizing drink.
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