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Rose Flower Wine
  • Rose Flower Wine

    Rose Flower Mavrud  NV
    -Grape Variety: 100% Mavrud (imbued with rose oil)
    -Region: Rose Valley (sub-Balkan)
    -Vineyard Location: Pamidovo
    -Producer: Pamex Winery
    -ABV: 12%

    Lustrous amaranth core and light cerise rim with scarlet glow, as if the unique appearance was not captivating enough, there are more pleasant surprises to come… The highly fragrant nose is an authentic – if unorthodox – combination of Seville orange, hawthorn, and rose petal, ranging from fragrant to aromatic, always fresh and juicy, and never powdery or soapy. On the palate, fleshy and refreshing cranberry, redcurrant, strawberry, and ripe red grapes are supported by lively acidity, laden on a truly delicate and lithe body. Essentially in the style of a German feinherb or French demi-sec, this is literally the rose of rosés.

    Serving Temperature
    Ca. 13 degrees Celsius

    Food Pairing
    A myriad of pastry and dessert: bichon au citron, canelé, croquembouche, gougère, macaron, mille-feuille, palmier, puits d'amour... Imagination is the limit.
    -Cantonese dim sum
    -Teochew braised dishes
    -Shanghainese cold dishes
    -Vegetarian cuisine
    -Alternatively, enjoy as a conversational wine
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