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Hong Kong is a very diverse city and we are in love with it!


Our Team is aiming to introduce the Bulgarian Food and Drinking culture to Hong Kong.


We are commited to offer our clients high quality Bulgarian products at an affordable price.



All our products including our wines are sourced from Bulgaria.


The country has 5000 years of wine making history and is the home to many well received indigenous grape varieties such as Mavrud, Melnik, Pamid & Gamza.


We invite you to join us on an exciting discovery journey to the antique wine making traditions in today's Bulgaria.



Bulgaria is famous for


natural yogurt

ecological agriculture

rose flowers


In fact 65% of the food sold in Bulgaria is organic.


The products in our store are from the best Bulgarian suppliers and have been carefully selcted.


The word Rhyton was once used by the Thracians 4000 years ago.


The Rhytons are vessels with an opening at the base for vine outflow.


The lower part of the rhyton is shaped like the head of a stag.

The Thracians worshiped Dionysus, the god of Wine, and drank red wine from the golden Rhytons, which became famous as the world's oldest human crafted gold vessels.




- Free Delivery in HK | KWL | NT

- Earn Air Miles for Dollars spent

- High Quality Products

- Discounts for regular customers

- Local, experienced Team

- Free samples and tastings

- Good Value for money pricing

- We support local charities

- We recycle empty bottles

- Unique Products

- Money Back Guarantee 



Bulgaria is a beautiful country, located in the South East of Europe.

It offers many hidden natural treasures, such as snowy mountains, warm, sandy beaches, organic food, untouched nature,


Bulgaria is the world's biggest producer of rose oil, a basic ingredient in every perfume.

The Bulgarian Rose cosmetics

are famous around the world.




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