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In Bulgaria, Gamza is mostly cultivated in the northwestern and central northern regions, in the Danubian Plain.


Until the recent decades, Gamza was the dominant grape varietal in these Bulgarian regions.


The main features of Gamza are a large yet compact cluster of small, almost spherical grapes, dark blue to black in colour



Mavrud, (from Greek, mavro, "black") is a red wine grape that is used as both a blending grape and for varietal wines, indigenous to the region of Kara Thrace in Bulgaria.


The grape has been described as a characterful, low-yielding, small-berried and late-ripening grape capable of producing tannic, spicy wine with a potential for ageing.




An ancient Bulgarian grape that grows near the border of Greece around the city of Thrace.


Used to make intense and heavy red wines with character and alcohol content similar to the great wines of the southern Rhône valley in France.

Some versions are said to taste and smell like blueberries and the tobacco which is grown nearby. Can age well in bottle and has an affinity for oak.


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