Tenio is one of the Founders and the Director of Rhyton Limited Hong Kong.


He is also responsible for the sourcing division and the quality control of the company.


He speaks German, Bulgarian & English, thus managing the cross continental business relationships of the company.



Jack Chau is a managing Partner at Rhyton Ltd..


Jack is responsible for the China Mainland market, where he manages the expansion startegy of Rhyton Ltd into China.


His multi cultural and multi lingual back ground provides the company with the advantage it needs to succeed in a difficult market environment.


"Bulgaria, the land of great culture and hidden treasures"

RHYTON Limited | Central | Hong  Kong

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The Rhyton Wine Vessel

The Gold Rhyton is a 4000 years old wine vessel, that was used by the Thracians for their ceremonies. This treasure was found in Bulgaria, where the Thracian culture flourished some millennia ago.

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